Indutex Metervarer og Patcwork

Creating Memories – a charming and useful collection

Creating Memories gives you a charming and useful selection of woven and printed small patterned fabric. It is released as a seasonal collection, but will stay on as a basic in the Tilda Concept.

The fabrics in Creating Memories are useful as a small-patterned supplement all year. The small patterns and rustic feel of the woven fabrics are perfect for sweet and simple quilt. Tilda Chambrays can be used as a supplement for the projects. Along with the woven fabrics in the collection the give a nice, comforting and timeless rustic feel.

The Fabrics are divided into seasons by color, but are useful all year.

Discover this beautiful collection underneath each season.

Spring and Easter Pastels


Summer and Ocean Blues


Autumn, Thanksgiving and Halloween
Winter Reds and Greens