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HM1SM Hearts and more small set Forstør

HM1SM Hearts and more small set



Hearts and More acrylic templates were developed to
simplify cutting appliqué shapes eliminating the need for
tracing and cutting with scissors. Use the Hearts and More
templates to make straight edge and curved edge hearts,
ovals, circles, teardrops, flowers and so much more!

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Yderligere information

The Hearts and More Small Set contains a 4″ and 7″ template.
Each template has a small and large end so a variety of
sizes can be made with each set. You will want to add Grace
TrueGrips to each side of the templates to prevent slipping as
you will be flipping your templates from front to back for
easier cutting.  

A detailed instruction booklet is included but let your
imagination guide you to create new appliqué shapes.

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